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Providing Access, Preparation and Retention Services in Higher Education to Low Income and First Generation College Students

TRIO Programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Education

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Eligibility: Project members shall be Title IV funded TRIO programs that operate within Oregon.

Project Membership Fee: $200

Project Membership Period: January 1 - December 31

Project Membership Benefits:
A. Discounted rates at OTA professional development seminars

B. Attendance of two people from the project at an OTA grant writing workshop. The two people can be from the project or the institution or one from each.

C. Partial funding of the travel cost for the following OTA award recipients to come to the Fall NAEOP or the Spring OTA conference when project and/or institutional funds are not sufficient:
1) NAEOP & OTA TRIO Achiever's Award (Fall/Spring)
2) NAEOP Pearl Hill Scholarship (Fall)
3) NAEOP COE Policy Seminar Alumni Travel
4) NAEOP & OTA Scholastic Achievement Awards (Fall/Spring)

D. Project students are also eligible for OTA corporate scholarships. 

Instructions for subscribing to our listserv: send a request to Phillip Dirks, dirksr@pdx.edu


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